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Encounter With Street Dogs

Part 1: Why Do They Attack

We are mostly unaware of the real cause for the attack by Street Dogs and hence assume that they do it to trouble or harm us. In reality, they drain out most of their energy in fulfilling basic needs for their survival and hence are not left...

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Encounter With Street Dogs

Part 2: Facing The Challenge

Always anticipate and prepare yourself before walking your pet into a pack of street dogs as any unprepared move might create a panic situation and result into an attack on us.

Following guidelines can be helpful for you to know how to pr...

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Encounter With Street Dogs

Part 3: Escaping The Attack

If you are finally caught in the attack by the dogs, do as follows:

1. Hold you pet in your arm (if his weight allows you to do so), otherwise atleast come between the dogs and your pet as his shield
2. Try to reach/ climb higher level as ...

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Collar or Harness?

"Harness hurts less than Collar", is this the reason you opt for a harness? Means you agree that even harness hurts but way less than a collar. Think once, won't it be better to opt for something that won't hurt them at all? What if they don't pull on leash while walking? Will...

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Prescribing To Appropriate Corrective Measures

Behaviors noticed in our pets that we want to correct should be identified for the real cause and the corrective measure should be applied accordingly. Incorrect diagnosis of the reason might result into applying irrelevant corrections which would n...

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We do justice to our relation with dogs by knowing their psychology before interacting with them. We tend to blame the dogs for their instinctual reactions if that creates unease to us but the fact is, dogs do not rationalize things, they simply react. Let us make some efforts to know the species...

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10 months ago
We have a seven month old beagle puppy Leo. Initially he was calm and quiet but when he turned to fifth month he started behaving like destructive particularly when we leave him for couple of hours. We assumed separation anxiety but no, we were wrong. He had behavioural issues too which we came to know when Vaibhav came and saw him. He took two sessions and like a magic boom he told us the root cause and how to fix them. Today, Leo is calm and behaving nice its been 2 weeks post session. You can ping him or call him for which he always responds. He also follow up with the pet parents about how the pet is doing which is so professional.
- Payal T
a year ago
We recently brought home an Indie puppy - Newton. As new pet parents and not dog lovers as such (at least not initially), we knew we’d be challenged from day one. Puppies are harder to look after than I’d imagined. After meeting Vaibhav we learned that if we avoid specific aggressive behaviours and work on obedience training, it’ll be a beautiful relationship for Newton and for us. We are following Vaibhav’s instructions and it has been very smooth for us. The best part is that he is reachable when we are in doubt. He does not consider one session as the end, he understands that it’s a process that needs support and patience and he’s always there. There’s a lot of information on the internet, and it’s not wrong but having an expert meet your pet and understand his/her specific needs, temperament, breed, behaviour, environment is vital. Vaibhav understands the dog world and shared so many things that we thought we knew but still are learning so much from him. Thank you Vaibhav
- Manali A
9 months ago
Vaibhav is a savior I would like to start with that. I have 1yr old Shihtzu, we were facing hard time with him. He was becoming aggressive and started snapping quite a lot. We were clueless what should we do, then we came across Vaibhav. He came home and we had discussion regarding what could be the possible reasons for him to behave like this. He suggested us to get him neutered as the aggressive nature was mostly due his hormones. We did our own research and Vaibhav helped us in clearing all the doubts. We got our baby neutered and slowly we have seen positive results. He is now much more happy and active then before. I must say Vaibhav kept tab on Oreo post operation as well. I will definitely suggest others, him for any kind training, suggestions, problem that we don't understand, he the Man. Keep up the good work 😊😊😊
- Priyanka D

About Me

Countless times being chased by street dogs, almost bitten by cousin's Pet in teenage and actually bitten by a Doberman during college days, I had developed extreme fear of dogs at early stage of my life. Determined to get rid of this fear, I mustered up courage to get Eddey, a Lab as my furry companion. Thorough study, deep research and working closely with my pet resulted in not only getting rid of my canine fear but also knowing the species and their behaviors better than most of the pet parents. Being most disciplined guy around, Eddey soon became an inspiration to other pet parents and gave me opportunity to work with many other pets to improvise their behavior. Meet your counselor, Vaibhav, having vast experience in managing and correcting canines for their behavioral problems.

From having extreme canine fear to understanding in-depth canine behavior, Vaibhav has not only helped naughty waggers to become socially fit but also empowered their parents to better handle the furry family members. After quitting corporate job, Vaibhav now works full time on his passion to improve lives of two and four legged companions.

Note: Vaibhav conducts all training at client location and the techniques are applied only after getting parents approval.

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